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Service Definition – Internet Service

Avanta (Centre Name) [“Avanta”] provides licensees of Avanta accommodation [“Licensees”] with access to the internet, either via the shared 4/8/20/50 Mbps symmetrical shared connection and dedicated connections of various bandwidth. This is the Avanta shared or dedicated internet bandwidth service [“The Internet Service”].  Our network service is subject to Fair and Acceptable Usage Policy – please download and read this policy  – click here to download PDF file

Licensee Pre-requisites:

Equipment and Presentation

In order to utilise the Internet Service, Licensees require only to run an operating system that supports TCP/IP. Avanta will provide a managed LAN and automatically allocated IP addresses (DHCP).  A patch cable providing the network on an RJ45 plug will be provided from the rear of a phone handset (typically) or a floor port (where no handset used)


The responsibility for the security of any devices attached to the Internet Service lies solely with the Licensee.

More Information:

You can discuss the network provision directly with essensys

Phone: 020 3102 5250


Should a Licensee encounter problems with the Internet Service, they should contact the Business Centre for a fault resolution. Avanta support the service during Business Hours (0830-1800, Mon-Fri), and will use all reasonable endeavours to have any service problems addressed. For out of hours support you can call essensys on 020 3102 5250 who may be able to offer assistance if the Internet Service is not working, but cannot offer assistance with your own equipment or internal cabling in the business centre.

IP Address

Avanta provide an internal IP address range for use by the Licensee.

Installation of the Internet Service

Avanta will endeavour to have Services presented to the Licensee within 72 hours from order (signed license agreement for initial order).  Times set out for upgrades to existing services are subject to the increased speed being available on the existing service type. If the faster service has to be delivered over a different medium longer upgrade lead times may apply. Support.  There is no charge for the installation of the service.

Service Level Agreement


Avanta offer Service Level Agreements for the Internet Service based on uptime of 100%. The uptime is measured at monthly measurement periods from the 1st to the end of each month. Any periods of downtime reported by a Licensee that continue in excess of 20 minutes from the time logged with the Business Centre constitute downtime. Should a Licensee encounter either 4 or more periods of downtime or an aggregate total uptime of less than 100% within any measurement period they are entitled to claim for the Service Credits set out below at whatever is the lesser performance criteria.

Service Availability Credits

The Licensee may claim service availability credits of the following amounts in the following circumstances:

Internet Service Availability

Service Credit

< or = 100% uptime but > or = 90% uptime or 4 (or more) periods of downtime.

5% credit of Service Charges

< or = 89.9% uptime but > or =75% uptime.

10% credit of Service Charges

< or = 74.9% uptime. 

25% credit of Service Charges

The credits may only be used as a credit against charges for further Services to be provided by Avanta. They may not be redeemed for money or exchanged for anything else. On termination or expiry of the agreement, any unused credit allowance may be credited against charges for Services provided in the calendar month immediately preceding termination. Any credit allowance which remains unused thereafter will be lost. Without affecting the Credit Process described below, if the Licensee wishes to raise any problems or issues with the Services with Avanta, either party may escalate those problems or issues up through the personnel named in the Escalation Procedure section of the Service Guide

Service Availability

"Service Availability"  is defined as the ability of the Licensee to exchange IP packets with the Network Services Supplier's designated gateway switch via the provided switch port. Service Availability is measured by sending ICMP "echo" requests from the Network Service Provider's designated gateway switch to the switch at regular intervals and there shall be an "outage" if this measure fails. The response to the ping burst confirms that the connection is still in place and the service is still available.  Service interruptions caused by: failure of Licensee Equipment; scheduled downtime for maintenance and upgrade purposes, which Avanta will use reasonable endeavours to ensure is kept to a minimum; network maintenance activities by the Network Services Supplier; do not constitute outages of Service Availability for the purposes of calculating service availability credits.

Credit Process

Service availability claims must be submitted to Avanta within one week of the end of the calendar month in which the outage in question occurs. The claim must contain the following information: Licensee name and Avanta Business Centre name at which the outages have occurred; date and beginning/end time of outage; brief description of the characteristics of the outage identification of the Services in respect of which the claim is being made and whether such Services are Dedicated Leased Line Services or Shared Internet Access Services. Claims must be submitted by e-mail to Avanta will apply approved service availability credits to the Licensee's invoice during the billing cycle following the claim approval.

Policy Change

Avanta will notify the Licensee of any changes to this Service Availability Schedule which Avanta may make in its absolute discretion from time to time provided that Avanta shall for the term of this agreement provide a service comparable to the service outlined in the initial Service Availability Schedule. *Allocation of RIPE/Pubic addresses is subject to official approval of the requirement which must be made by means of an IP Address Allocation Justification Form.


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