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LEarning and Advancement Programme (LEAP)

Avanta have a commitment to support your ongoing development and training. The main focus is on customer service training. We have partnered with the Institute of Customer Service, where a structure has been put into place to include tasks, behaviours, skills and training, which will be monitored and verified, increasing knowledge, skills, competence, confidence and ability.

As you complete each Professional Award within the programme you will gain a qualification equivalent to a NVQ, which enables you to become a member of the Institute of Customer Service. This membership is paid for by Avanta annually.

Completed further elements and following a successful validation, you can earn an increase in your annual salary!

ICS First Impressions TM

    • Providing foundation knowledge and skills to become a customer service professional.

ICS Service Management TM

    • Building management skills to deliver exceptional customer service through teams.

Additional Training Available for Our Team

Avanta invests in all employees so you can enhance your knowledge and skills to help you with present and future roles. Some examples of training provided include:

    • Full customer service training for Service Co-ordinators, Senior Service Co-ordinators and
       Assistant Business Centre Managers

    • Supervisory training for Senior Service Co-ordinators and Assistant Business Centre Managers

    • Team Leading and Management training for Assistant Business Centre Managers and Business
       Centre Managers

    • Ongoing Sales training for Area Sales Managers


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