Being Green

Change begins in thinking. That's why we only use Belu bottled water in our meeting rooms and our coffee is triple certified.  We believe that small changes lead to real and lasting impact on the community. Avanta is constantly initiating new schemes to minimise waste and encourage recycling.

Here are just some of the things we do:

 •  100% carbon neutral Belu bottled water

Whilst tap is best, we also provide complimentary "carbon neutral" bottled water in our meeting rooms. We've chosen Belu as it donates all its profits to WaterAid. We also use glasses to minimise waste from disposable cups.

 •  Switch It Off Campaign

We encourage all clients to switch off electrical equipment when not in use. More importantly, we switch off the air-conditioning and lights in all our buildings in the evenings and weekends. Plus, most of our meeting rooms have sensor lighting; so when they’re not in use, the lights aren’t on.

 •  Recycling Targets

Clear signage and designated recycling points in the communal areas ensure visitors & clients know what can be recycled and where. We beat our target for 2011-12 by recycling over 72% of all our clients’ waste across all our venues and hope to increase this further in 2013-2014.

 •  Bicycle Storage

We provide bicycle storage, lock-up and racks across our buildings as well as shower facilities. In our London central properties, we promote the nearest cycle hire facility, giving people the opportunity to use pedal power to travel to our business centres.

 •  Green Materials

Our carpets are made by manufacturing processes, which rely on renewable energy and conserve water. We source materials, which can be biologically or technically recycled. Our furniture is manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 14001, which regulates corporate impact on the environment. Even our coffee is triple certified, using 100% recyclable cups!


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