Our culture and what we believe in...

  • We believe passionately about our people.

  • We believe in our people delivering great customer service.

  • We believe in our Goal Map, Vision and Mission Statement.

  • We are only as good as the people who talk to our customers and
     support them.

  • Our support centre is there to support the business, not frustrate it.

  • We encourage everyone to share their ideas.

  • If you believe in yourself and are prepared to push yourself, then we
     will develop you and present you opportunities.

  • We are a sharing company and we help each other out.

  • If you see something that needs changing then please tell us.

  • We value our employees and it is through the skill and effort of our
     staff that we will, as a business, achieve our corporate aims.



or call us on +44(0)203 544 4451

London First Institute of Customer Service Cancer Research UK




  +44 (0) 203 544 4451

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