Why Avanta? What Beyond Four Walls means to you

The Customer Service Difference

Avanta is committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service. Everyone including our coordinators and our directors have participated in our customer service training programme.

Our Company Culture

Our continued partnership with the Institute of Customer Service means Avanta is at the cutting edge of customer service standards. We are continuously learning about the best practices and how to build and develop a consistent customer service culture across the company.

Our focus on customer service and our company culture separates us from traditional serviced office providers. With Avanta, your business gets the best of both worlds: a great work environment, top customer service and a stylish office with an unbeatable address.

Exceeding Expectations

What does ICS accreditation mean for your business?

As coordinators achieve full accreditation with a Professional Award within the programme, they gain a qualification equivalent to a NVQ, which enables them to become a member of the Institute of Customer Service.

This experience means your business is only ever supported by trained coordinators and managers, who understand your needs and strive to exceed your expectations, delivering an unrivalled service “beyond four walls”.


Created for both new and existing Avanta clients, the mingle. networking events are a free opportunity to grow your personal network of business contacts through various inspirational presentations and seminars with breakfast included. These events give businesses based across our network of buildings the chance to:

  • mingle with like-minded business owners and network with one another
  • listen to a useful and business related talk
  • learn from inspirational keynote speakers
  • discuss key topics
  • present on a topic of their expertise
To learn more about mingle., or to sign up or request to speak at one of our events, please visit: www.i-mingle.co.uk.


or call us on +44(0)203 544 4451

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  +44 (0) 203 544 4451

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