Telephone Answering Services from Avanta

Have someone answer your phone professionally in your company name, every time.

Any incoming call is potential new business and no business can afford to miss even one.  However, sometimes even answering the call is not enough – you have to promote a professional image regardless of whether you’re on your hands free in the car, in a meeting, or even on holiday with the kids.  Making the right first impression is paramount, and background noise, or dodgy reception is not conducive to setting the right tone for your business.

With Avanta’s virtual office service every incoming call is answered professionally in your company name by a highly trained receptionist.  They will then either forward on your call to a landline or mobile or even a voicemail box so you can deal with any sales enquiries when it’s more convenient to do so.  Take telephone answering at Avanta and never miss a new business opportunity again.

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or call us on +44(0)203 544 4451

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  +44 (0) 203 544 4451

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